‘VITAL Lite 1’ PD

Hi There!
If you are reading this, you are on the edge of being part of a fun group that will share, learn and participate in the wonderful world of developing great relationships and group dynamics.
Whether it’s just 2 or a family, work team or group of young people with attitude, this course could enhance lives of those around you and be a positive gain in your own personal life.

  • This Friday evening and Saturday PD workshop will have a needs-based focus, ensuring you know what you will walk away with.
  • The VITAL Lite Seminar is stand alone and will cover some core issues that will assist you in facilitating healthy groups, achieving personal growth and learning techniques that make healthy relating a reality.
  • Attending a ‘Phase 2’ style seminar is entirely optional (with a deeper focus), while allowing you to choose from a range of electives.
  • Group work can be fun and easier with some tips and tricks. You will certainly have many chances to share your knowledge and ask questions for your own context.


NEED AN ALTERNATIVE to the conflict in relationships?




Where:  Ipswich (we’ll let you know soon)
When:   April 27, 6pm – 9pm & April 28, 9am-5pm
Cost:    $196.95 (Early Bird $157 – before April 23)
You can expect:
– Training Journal (39.95)
– 2 experienced action-based facilitators
– beyond Lectures, reflection & self-discovery learning included.
– activity-based learning props
– resources for the day supplied
– lite lunch and refreshments. 

What to Bring:   

  • Pen, 
  • Hat, sunnies, sunscreen, water
  • Sense of humour
  • Recommend comfortable clothing and closed-in shoes
  • If you have any questions free give Russ a call. 04124236393


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