Here are some of the results from our training:

These results are collated by an independent organisations (Al Taylor for Kids) who were resourced to collect the data from out programs. These are typical results after just 1 Phase (1 term).

  • Suspensions Down by 68%
  • Behavioural Incidents Down by  56%
  • Goal-Setting Up by 34%
  • Team-Building Up by 67%
  • Self-Awareness Up by 50%
  • Emotional Well-Being Up by 68%

Deputy Principal, Nambour SHS
At NSHS, we believe the program has had a proactive and positive impact on the target audience identified for the UnLimited Program. The general aims are as follows:

  • It has helped our students to understand and experience their potential as a young adult. Many of these boys have experienced persistent failures and let downs in their lives.
  • The UnLimited Program has created a safe, interesting, learning environment where our students have been able to develop respect for themselves and others.
  • Rob and his team have done an outstanding job working with our students to discover the value and importance of appropriate behaviours and attitudes through the action reflection model of Experiential/Adventure Based Learning.
  • The program has empowered and encouraged our students to make healthier decisions regarding their lifestyle and consequent behaviour through accepting responsibility for their own lives and future.
  • Our students have been given the opportunity to consider and discover higher levels of meaning and purpose to their lives.

Other specific noticed changes include:
– Decline in behaviour database entries for all full-time enrolled students
– Positive feedback from teachers regarding improvements in students behaviour/work ethic
– Previously ‘Flexible Student Arrangement’ students are now attending a gradual transition back into mainstream classes
– The boys have made new friends and speak fondly of their mates.

Here’s what people are saying about our programs:

“Learnt to value other people which I wasn’t good at. I also learnt how to work in a team, I wasn’t good at that either. UnLimited has shown me the right path not the wrong one.” Michael, Year 10, previously expelled for always being in trouble at school, Student

“In UnLimited I have learnt to trust. Before UnLimited I had trouble telling people what was on my mind in fear of rejection. My trust and confidence has now increased incredibly.” Bella, Student

“I never really used to ask questions in class because I didn’t want to put my hand up in front of everyone, but now when I don’t understand something I have the confidence to get help and ask questions” Tullie, Student

“The No Limits program has always been the first choice for many of the schools that I have worked in and the feedback from staff and school administration has always been one of success and appreciation. So it is without hesitation that I would endorse the program as I believe that it has potential to radically transform the lives of those that go through it.” Des, Counsellor/Youth Worker

“… participants developed a sense of self identity, self worth and self acceptance. Such attributes are particularly important in the fight against peer pressure and teenage suicide.” Guidance Officer

“Differences which I have personally noticed in Jim include, taking responsibility for his thoughts and actions, a higher self esteem, more tolerable, increased maturity, and more emphasis on giving.” Parent

“At the completion of the program the student parent feedback has outlined many benefits including: increased self-awareness, understanding and willingness to respect others and a new perspective on ways to overcome barriers that hinder achieving their full potential…I have no hesitation in recommending the No Limits program to other schools and for approval on the Education Queensland list of Approved Programs for Government Schools.” Donna, Deputy Principal

+ 100s more!


Why Values Education?

1. “…Increased levels of empathic, honest, respectful and responsible behaviour led to more cooperative student interactions and contributed to safer and more harmonious classrooms and playgrounds…”

Page 87: Final Report For AUSTRALIAN GOVERNMENT Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations Project to Test and Measure the Impact of Values Education on Student Effects and School Ambience Professor Terence Lovat Professor Ron Toomey Dr Kerry Dally Dr Neville Clement The University of Newcastle Australia January 12th, 2009

2. White paper published by adolescentsuccess.org.au/

3. “Overall, this activity-based group work, involving group discussions and personal reflections is the best material I have been able to research above many other similar programs. V.I.T.A.L. has received  outstanding acclaim from High School Principals and Regional Directors of Education. It has proven itself with some troubled youth…Principals and staff interviewed concerning the V.I.T.A.L. program unanimously agreed that all students involved in the program develop remarkably in leadership, relationship, and personal development. Students involved in the program acknowledged greater ability to focus on their work. They enjoyed their school experience through better relationships with peers and teachers, and learned greater  personal management skills (including anger management skills). As with all activity-based learning programs, young people interviewed expressed their appreciation of the challenges offered in this program. Cooperation and teamwork, appreciation and encouragement were factors that were often new to these young people.”
Excerpt from PhD Thesis: Rev. Steven Richard Grose – University of Newcastle

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